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iDTX 2.0
Let's Get Practical

Feb 10th - 12th

IDTX - Let's Get Practical
10 Feb, 09:00 GMT – 12 Feb, 22:00 GMT
IDTX Event Stage (powered by Hopin)


IDTX is a virtual learning and development conference focused on being practical. Speakers from across the L&D world will be sharing their experiences, opinions, skills and techniques, all for free!

Every event is community supported so you can be sure the sessions aren't just sales pitches!

Fancy speaking at IDTX?

What we're looking for:

This event's theme is practical ID, so it's all about hands-on skills. That could be a walkthrough, demo, workshop, or talk. Just keep it practical!

Who we're looking for:

YOU! If you're reading this and want to give it a go, get in touch. IDTX events are all about creating an exchange of instructional design tips (see what we did there?) so if you have something to share, register to speak today.